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Past Chairman 2018-19 Peter Lee
Click on Image for Peter's Report
Darts Night Nov 2019
See the events at the Flight Club at the November meeting.
Quiz Night 2019
Winners of the 2019 Remembrance Quiz involving 41 Club, Tangent, Round Table and Ladies Circle.
Past Chairman 2019-20 Mike Heyes
Click on Image for Mike's Report
Xmas Meeting 2019
Click on photo for a report of the Xmas Meeting 2019
Chairman 2020-22 Russell Dymond

The officers of the club have all agreed to continue in their roles for a further year
due to the Covid situation of the last twelve months.
This of course means that Mr Russell Dymond will continue as Chairman.
He has forwarded the following comments


It would appear that the dark cloud of Covid 19 is beginning to clear
so hopefully we should be able to meet at the Golf Club again soon.

The 21st of June has been pencilled in by both us
and the team at the Cheadle Golf Club
So only 2 or 3 zooms left before we get back to normal.

 Jim and Peter are currently working on the program for the
year and Mike has been in touch with his friends in Corfu
and the revised Trip is in hand.

 So we have plenty to look forward to. Fingers crossed.
Please make a note in your Diaries for:-
Lytham St Annes 80th Charter Sept 10th 2021
International trip to Corfu.    7th -11th  April 2022

Cheers Russell.

Chairman 2020-22 Russell Dymond
C&G have nominated a Gnome for this years Chairman......
Vice Chairman 2020-22 David Khan
Vice-Chairman 2020-22 David Khan
Hi friends and fellow 41 Club Members.
I was delighted to become your new Vice-Chairman along with our new Chairman Russell Dymond.
I think we will be covering some miles between us to attend the various meetings and events.
During  this 41 club year, I am honoured to take up this post and hopefully I will survive the humour and banter
I know we are all so politically correct that I have nothing to worry about  !!!!!.
In joining Round Table and then 41 club over a membership of over 30 years, I have some great memories and a lot of water has gone under the bridge.
Even now, despite all the family issues and interruptions to our businesses.
It is just great, that we can all learn to laugh at life, each other and the challenges facing our society.
I am particularly pleased to be Russell's Vice. He is a member who has contributed so much over many decades, bringing me laughter and joy (that’s about as nice as it gets).
Will he ever buy the next pint? Will he grow in stature? Will he prove to be a bigger man than he is? All will be revealed this year.
Thank you for your friendship. All the best from Cumbria.


Murder, Mystery Evening - September 2022

It was great to welcome  18 members and guests to our September meeting  . Myself and Mike Green had previously walked
the Streets of Cheadle gathering clues and putting together a Murder Mystery  . Although  it was not the driest evening  the
very heavy rain kept off and members were able to collect clues and get to the first pub  where they managed to drink  a welcomed pint .
We did offer tea and cake but nobody was interested .  The various groups departed watering hole one and managed to solve a few
clues before reaching watering hole 2 some 30 meters away . More light refreshment , very little detective work but onwards and
upwards as the groups braved the damp dark night to find more clues in the dark.
(OOPS !!! did not account for darkness descending so early)
All groups managed to complete the challenge but one member excelled  and solved the mystery in record time.  I wonder if we should have
fined Mr. Lee for taking it all too seriously. But being the generous individuals that we are we presented him with a genuine Antique COPY of
a ford Anglia hubcap made in Sharm EL Sheikh, complete with brass sign.

The evening continued with more drink and food at the Istanbul Grill in Cheadle. We welcomed our guests and visitors and it was great to see
members who had not been to many meetings due to other commitments . We toasted King Charles  III for the first time.
The meeting finished at around 10.15pm allowing our older members to get home have cocoa and draw the curtains  !!!!

Thank you Mike Green for all your effort it made for a great night and I think it is fair to say that everyone had a fabulous evening

Dave Khan Chairman 41 Club

Chairman 2022-23 David Khan

Dear visitors and fellow members

Welcome to the 41 Club Website and my first report as its Chairman for the 2022/23 year .  I am privileged to be your Chairman this year and look forward to a year of great fellowship and the occasional beer !!! . I have enjoyed over 30 years of fellowship both as a Round Tabler and latterly as a member of 41 club . How quickly the years pass .  I am not embarrassed to say that  I have  both clubs  to thank for contributing to my development as an individual in terms of   character building,  learning from fellow members and coping with lifes challenges.  I would  firstly like to  thanks all our members who during the last 3 years where we have  all endured unprecedented challenges. Long standing members have made the effort to keep some form of fellowship ongoing . This is an incredible achievement and should not be undervalued.   Rather than mention individuals  this is a general thanks to those who organised Zoom meetings, holidays, some social get togethers but to everyone who kept those weird and wonderful whats app postings going . "may the hinges of friendship never rust " never had greater meaning or purpose. I personally thank you all for the ad hoc laughs.

I am always drawn to a saying that will very  SHORTLY be fixed to my house on  a permanent slate plaque .  COUNT BLESSINGS IN STONE AND GRIEVANCES IN SAND . Has lots of interpretations and it is not intended to be a religious lesson but one of learning to move on  I would ask some members  to renew friendships  What a great occasion to have welcomed Ron Blyth back as an active member. The strength of any organisation is its ability to move on   so perhaps some food for thought.

We can now  benefit from open membership which is a great window of opportunity to increase our  membership. At the same time it will allow us to perhaps welcome individuals who would greatly benefit from what we have . Sadly, men  of 40  plus can often feel very isolated . I would say some of  these individuals could be future valued members. Take a look at your  network of friends you   and simply ask one of them to come along.

We will also be looking at trying to revisit some of our old traditions and social events but perhaps with some changes. We are looking at a Ladies Lunch or Afternoon Tea, a nice chance to dress up and socialise in daylight . Also the much loved Safari Supper,

Well to end,  thanks  to  the members who have taken on jobs and for anyone who has not give some thought to doing something in the future . Like most of us, for the last 30 odd years I have been too busy to get involved  but in a quite strange way one can always find time and in finding that time you simply open the door to a great time  

BEST WISHES for the year

David Khan  
Chairman 2022-23 David Khan
Chairman/Vice 2022-23 David Khan & Mike Green
Memorial Quiz 2023
Chairman 2023-24 Mike Green
Vice Chairman 2023-24 Kevin Lovett
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