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Officers 2023-24
C&G 41 ClubOfficers 2023-24
ChairmanMike Green
Vice-ChairmanKevin Lovett
Immediate PastDavid Khan
SecretaryRussell Dymond
TreasurerKevin Lovett
Minutes SecretaryDavid Ham
AuditorMike Heyes
HouseRichard Seth
Social & CSDavid Khan / Lee Childs
WebmasterDave Barrow
RegaliaNeil Kellett
Round Table LiaisonMike Green/Jeremy Toone
MembershipMike Green
InternationalAndy Hunter / Lee Childs
Sergeant-at-ArmsRick Pennell
Welsh CorrespondentMr Russell Dymond
NationalKevin Lovett
Aims and Objects
Cheadle & Gatley 41 Club

Aims and Objects

To develop the acquaintance of old men through mediums in their various incarnations

The emphasise the fact that one's medium calling saves a fortune on the phone bill.

To cultivate the highest dahlias in parks, fields and civic gardens

To recognise the worthiness of retirement, redundancy and other occupational
hazards and to dignify each his own by making the most of his benefits

To further the establishment of domestic goodwill by having a legitimate excuse
to be out late on a Monday evening

To further these objects by sleeping, lounging, dying and other inactivities

Purposes and Objects (Zoom version)
(Revision 1.2b)

To enjoy the acquaintance of old men by sharing various libations.

To somehow manage to get a zoom call to work despite appalling wi-fi in many communities.

To use WhatsApp to lower the tone by spreading dodgy business and private perversions, but all in the best possible taste.

To fail to recognise the point of working, and instead engage in pottering around at the allotment or on the golf course.

To try to form as many international relationships as possible with Johnny Foreigner by going on holiday a lot.    (pre-Covid)

To further these aims by drinking, eating, snoring and other leisurely inactivities.

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